Fundraisers aka Gold-Raisers

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A Gold-Raiser is an extremely profitable way to raise money for your group. With our unique fundraiser program there is no selling on your part. Your guests receive great prices to sell their gold, silver and platinum jewelry which they no longer wear.  We then donate 10% of the total payouts to your group. For all registered charities and non-profits we will donate a total of 15% to your organization at the end of the night! It's a great opportunity for you and your supporters to both benefit from a fundraiser!

Everybody wins!

During each appraisal, your guests gold items will be carefully tested and weighed. If they approve of the valuation they will receive an immediate cash payout. They are under no obligation to sell any of their items.

Your organization can expect to make at least $300 - $500 for every ten persons attending your event as a direct donation from Gold Chasers Appraisals. There's even the possibility of increasing your fundraising total if your guests choose to donate a portion of their proceeds. All you need to do is coordinate with us a time and place. We provide brochures, flyers and everything you need to promote your fundraiser. Our expert staff will ensure a smooth and profitable event.

How can Gold Chasers pay out MORE for gold items?

We absolutely GUARANTEE the highest valuations for your gold! More than any jewelry store or Cash 4 Gold location. We do this by eliminating the middle man and maintaining a direct relationship with our gold refinery. We're also a strictly 'mobile' operation' so we do not incur the overhead & costs that other gold buying companies have by maintaining storefront locations... so this HUGE savings is passed on to you!

   For more information on what to expect during a private appraisal, Click Here to view the "How It Works" section.
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Payout Price

Host Fee

Buying Jewelry

How is the payout price determined?

The payout is based on 3 factors:

The karat
The weight in grams
The spot price of gold

Host Fee:

We suggest that the host be paid a fee or gratuity of 10% of the value of the gold purchased that evening.

What are we looking to buy?

We purchase yellow, white and rose gold as well as platinum and silver.

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