What are gold parties? 

A GOLD CHASERS party member will arrive at your party equipped with a gold tester, scale and loupe to evaluate each person's gold. There is a NO-OBLIGATION offer made on the spot.  This is the type of party where you actually leave making money as the attendee.  We also offer the option of doing a Dual-Party(please make this a hyper link that goes to the page that discusses the Dual-Party).  

Guests who sell gold leave with money and the party host receives a percentage of the total gold. Party-goers see the parties as a safe, convenient way to sell their old gold. Why not get some money for something that was sitting in a drawer collecting dust? Contact us today to set up a Gold Party in your area!

Payout Price

Host Fee

Buying Jewelry

How is the payout price determined?

The payout is based on 3 factors:

The karat
The weight in grams
The spot price of gold

What are we looking to buy?

We purchase yellow, white and rose gold as well as platinum and silver.

Host Fee:

We suggest that the host be paid a fee or gratuity of 10% of the value of the gold purchased that evening.


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