Jewelry Appraisals 

Schedule a FREE private Gold

Appraisal in the security and privacy

of your own home.

Our professional appraisers will test

and weigh each of your gold items.

We first weigh each piece with a

calibrated Troy ounce scale,

then examine it with a jeweler's loupe and assay gold test kit. This is to verify the authenticity of the jewelry and to accurately grade the purity of the precious metal. Once we separate the metals by karat and weigh them to assess their sale value, we will provide you with the free estimate.


We quote based on the current spot price on a per gram basis. We then pay you cash if you decide to sell your jewelry.

You are under no obligation to sell any of your items.

Remember the condition of an item has no bearing on the value. A broken chain has the same value as one that is not broken. That's because the value of gold is based on purity and weight, not appearance. When old unwanted gold jewelry is melted and refined back into pure gold it becomes very valuable. This is why the appearance and condition of the gold does not affect the value.

On average, most people have between $500 and $1500 in old, broken, unwanted and no longer worn jewelry sitting around. Most clients are amazed at how much their old gold items are actually worth.

How can Gold Chasers pay out MORE for gold items?

We absolutely GUARANTEE the highest valuations for your gold! More than any jewelry store or Cash 4 Gold location. We do this by eliminating the middle man and maintaining a direct relationship with our gold refinery. We're also a strictly 'mobile' operation' so we do not incur the overhead & costs that other gold buying companies have by maintaining storefront locations... so this HUGE savings is passed on to you!

All gold items have increased in value...
Yellow or white gold and platinum
Gold chains
Gold bracelets
Gold class rings
Estate jewelry
Gold coins
Gold watches
Bracelets or chains that are tangled
Gold dental crowns and bridgework
Earrings (including single earrings)
Broken and unwanted gold pieces
Items with missing stones
Gold Pins/Brooches
Gold wedding bands 
Bent/Broken jewelry
And much more!

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